Lorber - Trip: Follow the Lorber family from Cape to Cape in 365 days

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The Big Trip started at Cape Agulhas, South Africa, the Southernmost point of continental Africa on the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere; on June 21st 2009. From sunrise at 7:48 until sunset at 17:35, the sun was up for 9 hours and 47 minutes; except: there was no sun......
The Big Trip ended at the North Cape, Norway on the Northernmost point of continental Europe accesible by road on June 21st 2010. The weather was the same as at Cape Agulhas, but the sun was above the horizon for 24 hours. 
        south africa     north cape2
Cape Agulhas /South Africa; June 21st 2009North Cape / Norway; June 21st 2010
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south africa    South Africa

swaziland    Swaziland

zimbabwe    Zimbabwe

malawi    Malawi     

burundi    Burundi

uganda    Uganda     

ethiopia    Ethiopia     
djibouti    Djibouti 
saudi arabia    Saudi Arabia 
oman    Oman
jordan    Jordan   
turkey    Turkey
macedonia    Macedonia
italy    Italy
switzerland       Switzerland

monaco    Monaco

andorra    Andorra

portugal    Portugal

netherlands    Netherlands

denmark    Denmark

finland    Finland

estonia    Estonia

lithuania    Lithuania

luxembourg    Luxembourg

austria    Austria
lesotho    Lesotho

mozambique    Mozambique     

zambia    Zambia     
tanzania    Tanzania     
rwanda    Rwanda     
kenya    Kenya 
somalia    Somalia 
sudan    Sudan  
uae    United Arab Emirates    
qatar    Qatar
syria    Syria

greece    Greece
albania    Albania
san marino    San Marino

france    France
spain    Spain

united kingdom    United Kingdom

belgium    Belgium

germany    Germany

norway    Norway

sweden    Sweden

latvia    Latvia

poland    Poland

liechtenstein    Liechtenstein


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