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western cape
Eastern Capesouth africa

For Christmas 2010 I fly with mommy and daddy to South Africa. This is my first trip back to my old home town Port Elizabeth and I am truly very excited!

As mom and dad flew ahead of me I had the great pleasure to fly to South Africa with Oma and OpaThe happy Lorber family is back in Port Elizabeth (and the Green Monster has joined us too....)
with omafamily l
It is so great to see my babysitter again: lovely Meghan from Port ElizabethMy favourite spot in St. Francis Bay is always next to Opa
The lesser dangerous animals in Africa can even be touchedBe aware!! Behind every corner a pirat might lurk
On December 24th 2010 I decided to start swimming by myselfNeedless to say that I added some excellent diving moves as well

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