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eastern cape
Eastern Capesouth africa

It's Christmas 2012 and I am off again to Port Elizabeth. I finally can tell all my
South Africa friends about life in Austria (not Australia.....) and - I can proudly present my baby sister Lily.

As per our longstanding tradition daddy and I spend our first day in South Africa playing ball in the poolAfter sport it is time for arts - piano concerts in particular
And I almost forgot to mention: it's X-mas today and it is a beautiful, sunny hot day !!This is the perfect opportunity for my first official self portrait
But it is playing with my baby sister Lily that I really enjoyIt's salad for lunch - let's see who is faster? The tortoise won!
lily bedsalad
My best friend from day 1: Xander (here with his younger brother Dante)It is time again to say good-bye to Opa, to summer, to South Africa - and to our trusted car

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