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In August 2007 mom and dad take me on my first real beach holiday: to Mauritius

Mom and I are enjoying the evening sun upon our arrival at our hotel on Rodrigues IslandBefore we hit Mauritius proper we explore the remote island of Rodrigues by 4x4
evening sunrodrigues
Port Mathurin: the impressive capital city and commercial center of Rodrigues IslandIt is a cold winter's day in Rodrigues - so mom and dad have not let me swim in this wonderful pool
port mathurinhotel rod
Daddy look! I can swing without using my hands!Every day during these holidays I put sufficient time aside to enjoy my favourite dish: fish!
It is time to hop on the Air Mauritius plane and take the 1 hour flight to MauritiusMuch better than a plane is a boat because I can be the captain in command 
Besides the beach we are exploring the inland areas of Mauritius; for example the botanical gardenWell, I can tell you: Life is sooooo strenous in the tropics.....
botanical gardentropics
This is my favourite view: standing in ankle deep water and looking back at our hotelUnfortunately the holiday is over too soon and we have to say bye-bye to Mauritius

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