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mauritiusSouth Asiasri lanka

In April 2011 mom and dad take me on a nice vacation to Southern India (Tamil Nadu) and Sri Lanka.

The beautiful French colonial town of Puducherry is a perfect start to our Asian holidayA real elephant is guarding the elephant temple dedicated to the Hindu god Ganesh
Mom and I are enjoying the pool at our beach hotel in Sri Lanka - luckily it is not terribly crowded....Tuk-Tuks are the best way to move around Sri Lanka
The old town of Galle has been fortified by the DutchTime seems to stand still in Galle and mommy and I have also stopped for a rest.....
galle fortgalle
My chances for a wicket increase tremendously when mom is the batsman.....The English not only left their mark by introducing cricket, but also by building country-style houses 
At the elephant orphanage my parents would not allow me to acquire a petPinnewalla is a good place to watch elephants bathing
We made it - we climbed all 1202 steps to reach the top of stunning Sigiriya rockIt's cricket again - and the local youngsters get their pace going
Finally I can work a little bit on my snake charming skillsWe have ended our trip by strolling around the hundreds of temples at Polonnaruwa

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