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 steiermark wienStyria and Viennaaustria

To focus and to prepare for our big adventure we decide to spend some weeks around Christmas 2008 in Austria to
get some real winter experience before hitting the dust and heat of Africa.  

I am 3 years old / it is seriously about time to start skiingWhat a better backdrop could you wish for than the Dachstein at Ramsau
The best way to enjoy the Austrian winter wonderland is with mommy on a horse sleigh rideIt is definitely my job to blow out the dangerous candles on our Christmas tree
One of the most fascinating inhabitants of the Alps is the snowmanI found the perfect device to glide over a frozen lake
It's about time to start my musical career... To practise riding a horse is best done indoors - and of course not on a real horse
On a crisp beautiful winter day we drive to Vienna and visit Schönbrunn castleSometimes it is nice to lie down on a carpet and just be happy....
The Austrian spas are a great way to relax in winter with mommyOn the playground at the Stadtpark in Graz I am getting ready for my flight back to South Africa

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